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Frequently asked questions

Please read through the pre-answered queries listed below. If your particular question is not addressed on this page, do please email us with your request or call us on 0300 3000124 .

When I add a person, when will the main appreciation page appear on the site?
Once we receive the text and/or photographs, we aim to post the new material up within 24 hours.

Can I add photographs to an existing page?
Yes. Very often a picture can indeed speak a thousand words. Three images can be added to the main appreciation page and one to a tribute page.

How much does the service cost?
The RNLI offers this service free of charge. You can add a person and/or add a tribute and it won’t cost you a penny. However donations are gratefully received.

What about disrespectful wording or images?
The delay in posting appreciations, tributes and pictures enables us to ensure that content is appropriate.

How do I set up an appreciation page you details for inclusion?
Click the ‘Add a person’ tab at the top of this page and complete the simple form.

How do I add a tribute to an existing page?
Find the person you want to add the tribute to and click the ‘Add a tribute button’.

If you have any difficulties please call us on 0300 3000124.

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