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Martin John Day

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MARTIN JOHN DAY - Aged 63 years
8.7.1949 - 3.12.2012

My fantastic husband of 41 years. We did everything together and happy memories of him are everywhere.

Martin was immensely practical and could turn his hand to anything, most if his skills were self taught, what he did not know he learnt. He drew up plans for the extension to our home; negotiating with the Council the structural loading calculations for the multi hipped roof to ensure his vision was possible. Together we undertook all the practical work completely gutting the house and re-building internally and externally including rewiring and plumbing. He was the engineer/master craftsman and I the willing labourer, even when he said we needed to re-roof the house! Everything he did was done with precision and skill.

I only had to say I wanted something and he would make it for me, from dining tables to special pastry cutters, extra weights for my scales to garden tools - this list goes on forever. On top of this he was a professional photographer who could be relied on to take photographs at any ‘special occasion’, a car mechanic and a great cook!

Comments from family and friends have said what a friendly, caring and knowledgeable person Martin was. He took a great interest in people and places around him and helped many along the way. Rarely sided in an argument and refused to judge people.

Martin was always interested in the work of the RLNI and it's fitting that donations from people who loved and knew him can contribute to this work.

I miss his humour, his smile, but most of all his love.


Added by: Susan Jane Day on 29 January 2013.

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