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Ian McInnes

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My father was a very keen supporter of the R.N.L.I.,in particular,the Seahouses Lifeboat Station.He became involved with the Lifeboat during the 1960`s,helping with launch and retrieval on callouts.This began a long and passionate interest in Seahouses Lifeboat,particularly fund raising and assisting with the planning and setting up of August "Lifeboat" day.
After moving to Seahouses,he became Vice-Chairman on the Seahouses Lifeboat comittee for some years and continued fund raising by placing collection boxes in various Newcastle Post Offices/Social Clubs and Pubs.Over the years he raised many thousands of pounds for the R.N.L.I.,his final bequest being the sum of £5000 in his will.
I found it a very fitting tribute that his friends on the Seahouses Crew allowed me to scatter his ashes from the Lifeboat during a training exercise,a very big thank you to you all.
I think this sums up his commitment to the R.N.L.I.-As a younger lad,when visiting my Dad,I also helped with launch and retrieval duties,a small "token" payment was made to those that had assisted.Upon receipt of my token,I would be escorted to the Lifeboat House and told to put the money back into the collection box!!!

Fond Memories.


Added by: Paul McInnes on 14 May 2012.

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Picture of Ian McInnes.
Picture of Ian McInnes.
Picture of Ian McInnes.

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