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Peter Dinham

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My father died last week after a slow decline in recent years. I would like now to take the time to acknowledge the man he was and the memories I have.

He was a highly intelligent man with a sharp sense of humour. He gave us a childhood of happy security with many fond memories. Of holidays spent in Dover where we would spend our days on Folkstone Beach in the alcoves and our evenings at 'Micheals' Resaurant (it was actually just a cafe but felt like a posh restaurant to us kids - it was a real treat!) followed by a quick tour around the amusement arcades where we were all given a set amount of money to spend in the machines. Happy times.

There were holidays on the Norfolk Broads with Dad at the wheel with his captains hat! As ever he took his responsiblities as Captain serious and was forever studying the maps and tides.

We shared a love of sport and spent many an afternoon watching the Grand Prix or Rugby or athletics and although he was a cricket fan too - I couldn't quite get into that.

He has been through more heartache than you would ever wish on anyone and we have had our rough times - however he was my DAD and I love him.

I hope he has finally found the peace he deserves.

Added by: Vivienne Curle on 21 February 2012.

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Picture of Peter Dinham.
Picture of Peter Dinham.
Picture of Peter Dinham.

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