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Herbert Horne

Also known as: Bert.

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In remembrance of our dear late farther.

He was in the Royal light Artillery as Gunner.
Served in the far east Burma, was captured in Singapore along with 50,000 other troops, he was put into concentration camps, Chang-y jail being one of them. The main task was to put prisoners of war to work on the famous Burma railway, a thousand miles long my dad & other walked that 1000 miles there & back again, repairing it on the way, He had to put up with beatings constantly & dreadful scenes of torture with in the camps, which he had inflicted on him as well.
Very little food, poor diet suffering with berry berry malnutrition, malaria. But he came through it and lived till he was 91, he always said it was his faith that got him through.

When he was 5 he started learning to play the piano, & picked up very quickly, in his teenage years he was composing & writing his own classical music. coming from a musical family this came natural to him. He went through the Royal school of music & passed all grades apart from the last one he was taking for concert pianist but he got called up to go to war. Never took it up again when he home, but in his life he picked up many different trades, but he always kept his piano playing up writing and privately teaching who ever wanted to learn for free. He was playing right up to a few months before he passed away.

God bless you DAD you were a star giving us advice when we needed
it, teaching us the values of life giving us a helping hand, when we needed it. You had very strong principles which you passed on to us, & we thank you for that teaching us the values we needed in life.
We respected you & loved you so much, you were always harder on us, as you had to be to keep us in line, if you hadn't were would we be now.

We miss you so much, your laughter & clowning around, but most all we will miss you playing your wonderful piano, mostly the music you written & composed. I still can hear you playing that bit of music called Daffodils which you dedicated to mum, & Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky piano in b flat miner, the glass mountain and theme music from the snow man story & many more.

LOVE YOU DAD see you soon, in gods paradise world restored on earth.

Added by: Anthony Horne on 20 February 2012.

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Picture of Herbert Horne.
Picture of Herbert Horne.
Picture of Herbert Horne.

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