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Frank Lunn

Picture of Frank Lunn.

Frank was born on New Year's Day 1941, the youngest of seven children, growing up with a strong affinity for the sea through family involvement with Hull's fishing industry and fishing trawlers. Educated at Kingston High School, Hull, Frank progressed to the Royal Navy and during his 22 years service travelled to many countries thoroughly enjoying the comaradarie such as the Royal Navy brings to a person's life.

Fiollowing on from his Royal Naval career Frank then became employed at Ruston Gas Turbines in Lincoln as a Field Service Engineer, Gas Turbines, and finally retired from what had then become Siemens having set up as Production Manager for their Refurbishment Department.

On retiring in 2003 Frank was not one to sit back and 'take it easy'. His interest in Yoga (having first experienced this in the Royal Navy!) was rekindled and he undertook a Teaching Diploma in Yoga, subsequently setting up his own Yoga classes four days a week. He became an active member of the British Wheel of Yoga and shortly before his diagnosis of gastric cancer had been elected Treasurer for the East Midlands area. His mechanical knowledge led Frank to incorporate 'leverage' into his Yoga classes and yoga Seminars.

However, Frank's call for the sea never left him. He was a Padi certified diver (the Maldives was his favourite underwater haunt), and whenever the opportunity arose he undertook yacht crewing.

Frank's talents and interests were endless. Music of every description with an instant recall for titles, year of production and singer was another hall mark, with reading of equal merit. A piece of wood could be turned into just about anything the house needed with no apparent effort. DIY was second nature.

His motorcycle enthusiasm was kept alive by a group of ex-work colleagues forming a motorcyle 'club' with organised motorcyle trips at home and abroad.

Frank's untimely death on the 30th August 2011 meant that a fourth trip to Mysore in India could not be accomplished. These Yoga Seminar trips were enjoyed by many, with Frank having led two.

Frank's Green Field Burial was attended by his family and friends from many counties in the UK and Frank would be overcome with emotion by the donations given to the RNLI in his memory - a Service he greatly admired and was proud to be a member of. At the funeral service a poem Frank read at times in his Yoga classes was read and is below - it typifies Frank completely.

The Teacher

I am a tree
which stands by the path you tread.
If you can learn something from me, stay awhile.
I cannot take you my way
because my roots
are in my own piece of ground
and my branches
reach up to my own personal sky.
If you wish to lean against me for a time
and warm in the Sun
which filters through my leaves,
then share my stillness
and become One with me.

But do not stay too long –
or part of yourself
will become lost within me.
Do not take one of my branches
to use as a prop
for even I am unaware
of which are strong or weak.

In looking at me,
reflect on what you didn’t know
and make it your own Truth,
I will not impede the path you tread
but I hope I have helped
to make your journey worthwhile.

(author unknown)

Added by: Maureen Lunn on 1 November 2011.

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Picture of Frank Lunn.
Picture of Frank Lunn.

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