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John Alfred Williams

Picture of John Alfred Williams.

In memory of a dear father who served in the Royal Navy for 24yrs. He joined at 15yrs and retired in 1955 as Chief of Control Tower in the Fleet Air Arm. During WW2 he took part in the Arctic Convoys and the defence of the Bay of Naples. His ship was sunk off Anzio in 1944 during the landings. He was a capable and brave sailor and a strong swimmer, helping many injured and non-swimmers during enemy attack. He was awarded the 1939-1949 Star, Atlantic Star, Africa Star, Victory Medal and the BEM in 1948 while serving in Malta.
Like many men he spoke little of his time at sea and the many ordeals he had to face, but it was evident he had great courage and carried out his duties loyally when in danger with little regard to his own safety.
His time in the Navy developed his ability to make and create useful things and he could turn his hand to most practical tasks from sewing and carpentery to wine-making and macrame. Nothing was ever thrown away which could be reinvented for another use. How many people still cut up old rubber gloves to make elastic bands!
John died aged 94 in 2010 leaving his loving wife Bettie, his children Elizabeth, Pamela and Jonathon, 5 grandchildren and 6 great grandchildren. He is sadly missed but will always remain in our hearts and memories.

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Picture of John Alfred Williams.
Picture of John Alfred Williams.

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