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Owen James Kelly

Also known as: Dad, Papa, O, Owey.

Picture of Owen James Kelly.

In memory of my wonderful Papa, who was taken too soon and who we all miss dearly.
Owen met his wife Beyrl and married when he was only 20, and they recently celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary, amongst freinds and family.
Owen was a sailor for the merchant navy and he had so many stories to tell of his life at sea. Owen then went into the brewery industry running various pubs and sports clubs with Beyrl.
Owen was a family man, he was very kind and always wanting to help with everything from DIY, to giving good advice. He had a fantastic sense of humor and everyone loved to be in his company.
He played a big part in his children and grandchildren's lives, he took care of us when we were ill, he treated us to days out, and bought us cakes from the bakery on the way back from the bookies!
Owen was such a special man and he will live on forever with the people who loved him, he is missed every single day, but we are blessed that we had him in our lives.

Added by: Hannah Porter on 12 July 2010.

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Picture of Owen James Kelly.
Picture of Owen James Kelly.

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