The RNLI saves lives at sea.

Nicholas Carter

Also known as: Nick Carter.

Picture of Nicholas Carter.

It appears you are still teaching me something even after you have gone, “reflecting on what people mean to you should not be saved for a eulogy”…note to self
You helped provide a great atmosphere for us to grow up in that can only be described as totally balanced and unselfish (except when it came to the drinks cabinet) I don’t recall ever feeling that I wanted for anything and for this I salute you. Dad you leave a tough act to follow as I try and raise my own family and hope my children are left with the same sense of fulfilment when they are older and recall memories of their upbringing.
You also raised the bar with your work ethic and I have many vivid memories of going to bed and seeing you working under a spot lamp leaning over a drafting board tirelessly over your passion. A passion  that is a legacy to your dedication to architecture and you have left spaces which many people will enjoy long after we are all gone.
Our relationship over the years changed and grew and as we both took new directions and our distant communication always contained a laugh or two…you got the jokes!…I thank you for calling and sending your best to me and my family, and I would like to think to say goodbye. You will be sadly missed.

Added by: Spencer Carter on 6 July 2010.

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Picture of Nicholas Carter.
Picture of Nicholas Carter.

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The RNLI is a charity that provides a 24-hour lifesaving service around the UK and Republic of Ireland.

As a charity, the RNLI relies on your support to carry on saving lives at sea.

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