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Rory Soutar

Picture of Rory Soutar.

Rory’s death on the 9th of July 2008 left unbearable pain and suffering to many many people.
As an offshore diver and seafarer his respect for the RNLI was heartfelt. Those attending his funeral gave generously to the RNLI and a very kind letter was received back in response.
Rory’s family hope that the following words which have been taken from the service and from the sentiments of family and friends help to convey the depth of loss we all feel.

Extract from the Humanist Service 17 July 08
Officiated over by Paul Harkin of the Humanist Society
Rory was someone who made a lasting impression on anyone who met him. “Once met, not easily forgotten”, was how someone described him ….
a big personality, a great mimic and comedian; someone who would go out of his way to help you without a second thought; a passionate football fan and lover of all things Scottish; a medal-winning runner and car enthusiast; and proud holder of a Saturation Diver’s qualification.
Rory was born in Glasgow on the 10th June 1979 and after a few early years spent in Cumbernauld, grew up in the South side of Glasgow. At school he proved to be a very accomplished runner and hurdler and won many medals.
This was to be the beginning of Rory’s lifelong interest in sport. On leaving school, he began working as a lifeguard in Sport’s Centres in East Kilbride and Strathaven, where he met his good friend Jamie. As well as swimming, Rory practiced Judo and was a devoted Celtic fan.
But it was during a family holiday to Thailand that Rory got his first taste of diving, and it was to set him on course for the rest of his working life, culminating, years later, in the Saturation Divers qualification of which he was so proud. Working as a diver, Rory had worked all over Europe, on oil rigs and vessels.Rory was a generous friend and always there to help.
Death is the natural end to every life, and this is much easier to accept when it comes, as it usually does, at the end of a long life. It is much more difficult to accept the death of a younger man like Rory. But Rory, for reasons known perhaps only to him, made a conscious decision to draw his own life to a close. Sudden death like Rory’s is hard indeed to bear and leaves a deep sense, not only of loss and shock, but of puzzlement and incomprehension. This profound sense of loss and a sense of searching for an answer is most deeply felt, of course, by Rory’s family.

Emma Soutar - Eulogy to her brother Rory - 17th July 2008
I cant really put into words how painful it is to loose Rory, but I owe it to him to (stand here and) try to put to words how much he means to me.
We are very close and he has always been there for me, protecting me. He would never have let anything bad happen to me. If I was stuck at the other end of the world, he would have come to get me. For that I thank him.
He has always been an amazing brother and above all, my best friend.
So I am going to respect this choice he has made and remember him how he wants to be remembered.
Deep sea diver, race car driver
Rory I love you so much, we all do. You are missed more than you can imagine.

Frank Soutar - Extract from the Eulogy to his brother Rory - 17th July 2008
I wish to read this piece as it is a reflection on a man that chose his own time and place and was the creator of his own destiny…….Abbreviated extract from Little Big Man by Thomas Berger
“Thank you for making me a human being! Thank you for helping me become a warrior! Thank you for all my victories and for all my defeats. Thank you for my vision, and for the blindness in which I saw further. ……….So that when woman sees a man who is proud and brave and vengeful, even if he has a white face, they will cry: ‘that is a Human Being!’ ………“ I am going to die now, unless death wants to fight first, and I ask you for the last time to grant me my old power to make things happen!”
He gave his final thanks and last request.
“take care of my family here,” he says, “and see that they do not go crazy.”
He laid down then on the damp rocks and died immediately“.

Jamie Williamson - Extract from the Eulogy to his great friend Rory - 17th July 2008
Everybody has their own treasured memories of Rory, a real gent, a respected colleague, a mate. Most of all a man who lived for his family and his work. ……A life of kindness and generosity to others of which he expected none in return, a life of making people laugh and finding a straight forward, hassle free route through life whenever possible…..Rory has been so much to so many people over the years, I’ll remember him forever as my Mate !

Just some of the sentiments from many close friends.

“I will miss his terrible jokes, strawberry milkshakes, his determination to get me on a boat, his 3am drunken phone calls, the revving of his car engine in my street so my neighbours would hear, and his kissing me in the street when they came to the window…I will miss all of Rory.”
May.- Scotland, Very Close Friend

I wanted to tell you that he was one of the most wonderful people I've ever met. I'm so so sorry for your loss.
Willow.- USA, Very Close Friend

He was and will always be the most genuine and unconditionally loyal man I have ever known. Not to mention stubborn as hell and full of banter that charmed the least charm-able of souls without exception. He was incredible and I loved him.
Victoria - New Zealand, Very Close Friend.

Of the many people we see going through here, everyone remembered Rory. He really was one of the good guys. He always had a smile and he was a lot of fun to be around. One can only have fond memories of Rory.
Ali Macleod - The Underwater Centre. Fort William

It is guys like Rory who make the work pleasant.
He was always nice and friendly, understanding and very loyal.
He will be missed very much.
Lisette - Friend & Colleague, GB Diving, Holland

He was a great guy and had a friendly, but cheeky manner about him which endeared him to all of the dive team. He will be sorely missed I'm sure of that.
Michael Florence - Friend & Diver

Rory was my friend I will miss him dearly…..It comes as a great shock to me and the friends that Rory held in the diving community, we have all stood by for each other and risked our lives for the protection and safety of each other at work and play. I think this creates a special bond between people.
Rory talked very fondly of the Lochs of Scotland and each time we drove past would stop point and say, ”have you ever seen something so amazing” even though we had passed through them together many times.
He loved Scotland, was proud to be Scottish and I’m sure he is at peace.
I’ve said my goodbyes to Rory in my own way……
David McIntyre, New Zealand, - Great Friend & Diver.

I'm deeply saddened to hear of Rory's death. I worked with Rory on a number of occasions with GB Diving and got on with him well. I'm sure that there are a lot of other people that knew Rory who will be just as saddened and shocked as I am.
Paul Wilson – Friend, Diver

Someone so special will never be forgotten. Memories are forever.
Kris - very close friend.

I can’t tell you how deeply sorry i am, Rory was a good friend and a colleague.
I’m offshore at this time with some of Rory’s friends and colleagues as well, they all wish to express their condolences.
João Santos – Friend, Diver

I knew Rory for a couple of years only but in that time got to know him well and can assure you he will be sadly missed by me.
Philip Watt - Friend, Diver

We have all known Rory since he was a young boy…….Rory will be sorely missed and will always remain in our hearts.
Alan, Susan & May - Lifelong Friends

Compiled by Frank Soutar Father, Joan Soutar Mother, Frank Soutar Brother, and Emma Soutar Sister. We love Rory dearly.

Added by: Frank Soutar on 30 September 2008.

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