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Peter King

Picture of Peter King.

Those of you who knew him only since he moved to Holland on Sea only met part of the character that was Peter. His stroke in the year 2000 and a heart operation in 2004 took their toll. The breathing problems Dad had lately made life a daily struggle for him but Dad was not only a fighter for survival, he always instead he was alright.
Although the stroke meant that Dad’s memory couldn’t recall all the jokes he knew, the accents he imitated, the one liners, the clever observations and those cheeky quick responses his sense of humour was intact.
Dad’s heart operation meant he wasn’t able to be as active as before, he worked hard all his life – doing his National Service in Cyprus, working for Halls Wood Company, Trebor sweet factory and later in central heating. Wherever he worked he put in all his effort and still had the energy to do decorating, growing vegetables on his allotment, spending time with his family and meeting up with friends.

Peter came from a large family, he was the second youngest of 16 children, born in 1938. He was just six years old when he was evacuated to Halifax with his brother Ken. After returning back home he attended St Peter and St Paul’s school. As a child he was labelled the “loveable rogue”, when caught scrumping in his neighbour’s garden he charmed his way out of trouble by saying it was because next door’s fruit was so much nicer than their own fruit trees.

Retiring to Holland on Sea Dad loved the garden and growing fruit and veg though, characteristically, gave lots away to family, friends and neighbours.

Losing his wife, Ann last June, he was getting used to looking after himself and although he did go into hospital several times, it was a shock for us that he passed away when he seemed to be getting back to his cheerful self recently.

We’ve each got our own memories of Peter, the lovable rogue, I hope you can remember some happy ones.

Living on the coast in his retirement years gave Peter an appreciation of the work that the RNLI does and he talked about them with a real respect, which is why after careful thought his family have decided that a tribute on this site was a fitting way to remember him.

Added by: Lawrence King on 11 May 2008.

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