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Craig Michael Dolphin

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Craig Michael Dolphin
14 March, 1959-03 November, 2009

Craig Michael Dolphin was an honourable, loving, caring, kind, generous, soft spoken, diplomatic, Christian man. He was a family man who adored his wife, Lori.

Craig was an outstanding husband and father. Craig was a happy man who loved life and was always optimistic. Craig was a leader and a great role model.

Craig Dolphin was born and raised in Birmingham, England.
He graduated from Birmingham University with his BSc (Hons) in Electronic and Electrical Engineering Degree in 1981. He later graduated from Open University with an MSc in Computing for Commerce and Industry.

Craig worked for BAE Systems since 1990. He served in various manager roles with more recent included: Integrated Project Team Leader-Panther Support. Prior to that, Craig served as Systems Engineering Manager/Engineering Process Manager for which he defined Engineering processes for CVF Project within 12 months earning a Bronze Chairman's Award for Innovation.

Craig was a Chartered Engineer. He was a member of the Institution of Engineering and Technology, and a member of the Project Management Institute.

Craig served in the British Royal Navy for nine years. Lieutenant Dolphin proudly served aboard the HMS Hermes during the Falklands War.

It was in the Royal Navy where Craig became a Christian. He has served as Church Treasurer and as a Church Elder. In addition, Craig played guitar in the Church band when he was a member of the Anglican Church in Ivybridge, Devon. Craig and Lori joined the Methodist Church upon moving to Chepstow in 2002.

Craig only had two regrets in life. First, Craig's biggest regret (according to Craig) is that he did not meet his beloved Lori 20 years earlier. Craig's second regret was retiring fom the Royal Navy.

Craig's third passion in life was music. His musical taste was eclectic. He loved playing the guitar. He taught his sons Matthew and Joshua (whom share his enthusiasm) how to play the guitar.

Craig loved Cricket and Football. Craig was a lifelong supporter of West Ham United.

Craig's other interests included travelling, sailing, and golf.

Craig was a very "hands on" Daddy to his youngest child, Trinity. He taught her how to pray and to recite "The Lord's Prayer" at the age of 3. Craig nicknamed Trinity, "Pixie Pumpkin, Champion Pixie of the World!" In addition to designer clothes, jewellery, holidays abroad, nice toys, Craig bought Trinity a Brian May (mini May) Guitar with plans to teach her how to play. Craig also turned Trinity into a West Ham United Fan!

Craig was a very courageous man, who with great sadness, lost his battle to cancer on 3 November, 2009.

Craig's favourite charity was the RNLI (Royal Navy Lifeboat Institute). The RNLI is a charity that saves lives at sea.

The family request that in lieu of flowers, donations may be sent to the RNLI (, or to the Methodist Church in Chepstow.

Survivors include his wife Lori and their children: Dustin, Matthew, Joshua, William, Elizabeth, and Trinity.

It was such an honour being "The One and Only True Love" of Craig Dolphin's Life! He was an amazing man! I was well and truly loved, and I knew it! Oh, but believe me, it was mutual. Craig was and will always be THE Love of My Life.

At this time I am completely and utterly heartbroken. My loss is indescribable.

My last words are to my beloved husband:

"Craig, I love you. I will always love you. Until we are reunited again in Heaven for all eternity, I am, as inscribed on the inside of our wedding bands, ~ Forever Yours with Love, Lori XOXOXOXOXOXO"

Added by: Lori Dolphin on 7 November 2009.

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Picture of Craig Michael  Dolphin.
Picture of Craig Michael  Dolphin.
Picture of Craig Michael  Dolphin.

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