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Robert Dowsell

Also known as: Rob.

Picture of Robert Dowsell.

I'll title this excerpt from roberts life... Never a dull moment, or indeed never a silent one at that. Born to Pam and Buster in the month of October ( might I add makes him a libran) and as the title surely suggests, ...they spent many of his early years (his family) visiting the local accident and emergency unit, as he was forever braving himself, and daring himself to leap that bit further, ride his bike that much faster with many an "ouch" situation! well he seemed a bit of a boy after all, although theres been many a chuckling moment all round, by all since, due to his uncanny knack of accidents even in an empty room by himself ha ha! and then of course, later , there came the Wasbones Gang. Well Ha. He developed a small liking of body addornment "took him years to cut his hair" plagued himself with the idea of having insignia tattooed on his wrist, so in the light of tattoos which I should say I did like that about him, he grew to develop an addiction for them. As I said... "never a dull moment"... So without being left without enough words left to fill this cyber space I will say his appetite for life was second to none. In so many ways his loved ones and friends would have their own interpretation of it all, and who they thought was Robert. A definite presence to most, an entity unto himeslf without a doubt! a clever handsome, honourable, bestest friend anyone could have, even though it could be said he could be a right pain in the arse to put it lightly plus a beligerant sod. Above it all fairs fair, not a bad person to really know!

From his love of life and his interest in William Hill and Coral and probably "two flies up a wall" his favourite football team Chelsea, and not a Welsh player in sight. Ha. To the best taste and scope in music iv'e ever known, (speaking for myself) he also most definitely liked mixing the two, just a few beers of Witches Brew over the odds, tied in with his love of music, as many people have witnessed as probably one of many good times they care to remember. His no end of banter and philosophies and often more alternative views and opinions than would suit most people. Ha... From many good years being forced to say "...thirty five pence a pound for bananas" (till gone 3pm and then anything could happen) Price Wars! and of course his famous line was "...if you cant spell it dont sell it!".... He jests.

The market years were too phenomenal to put into words and the ones that know, who were there, who this is a tribute to also, of friendship and love and loss, have suffered many belly laughs. Roberts life was never a dull moment.... He actually touched many people and cemented friendships and had many friends... So with all their love and affection over many years... His family and everyone can go on forever in keeping his memory and stories close to thier heart. We should all be happy and glad we have had and he has had some of the best years. So with love in our hearts Robert you are so missed, you are so loved, and you know what? You never welsh on a bet!
With so much love everyone xxx
ps my ink would run dry.

Added by: maxine hagerty on 28 February 2008.

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