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Lance Cunliffe

Also known as: Robin.

Picture of Lance Cunliffe.

Spoken by the minister leading the Funeral Service for Lance ……..

First of all, to all the family, my love, prayers and thoughts for all of you today. May God be with you and give you that strength you all need. To most of us Lance is known as Lance, but there are those of you who knew Lance as Robin. For the purposes of this service we will refer to him as Lance. Lance has had a long battle with illness, which he has fought with determination and a wonderful sense of humour. It has been his, I would almost want to say “Serenity” that has encouraged you, his family, as you have sought to encourage and support him. Now, his long battle is over, and he is at peace. Lance has left a legacy of a man who was honest, reliable and a man of his word. As a boat-builder (and he didn’t quite finish the boat) and carpenter, he was able to turn his hand to almost anything practical that needed doing. He would do things with that wonderful sense of humour and a few good stories along the way. That was the kindness he always showed to others. He had, as a good carpenter, a creative streak. He was a perfectionist in all that he did (perhaps why the boat wasn’t finished !). What he wanted to do, he did thoroughly. Ambition in the right sense of that word. So remember Lance today. Give thanks for all he meant to you, in whatever way you knew him. As we come to the moment when we commit Lance to our father, may I ask you to think about love. Lance’s love for you all, and your love for Lance. God’s love for Lance and for all of us. Let us look to our God, who is love and remember that love still stands in life and in death. Love still stands when all else has fallen.

The Funeral Service commenced to the music of Enya ‘Watermark’, and closed to the music of Enya ‘Orinoco Flow’. The two hymns chosen where ‘Eternal Father Strong to Save’ (Tune Melita) and ‘Lord of all Hopefullness, Lord of all Joy’ (Tune Slane). It was a beautiful day, the sun was shining, and it made, for us all, a memorable farewell to Lance.

Donations collected in memory of Lance, enabled £243.80 to be donated to the R.N.L.I. Thankyou to everyone.

Added by: R Hudson on 15 November 2007.

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Picture of Lance Cunliffe.
Picture of Lance Cunliffe.
Picture of Lance Cunliffe.

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