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June Stanway

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Mum had so much love that she had to share it with everyone. The door to our house was always open and many people dropped in for the company and conversation. It was a way of life, everyone was welcome and little routines were set up. The house never seemed empty and nobody was shunned. Bernie the milkman was there every Saturday, Jeff would call round on his way to the Grapes pub, girls from her school would drop in for a chat and reassurance, the kind they would have liked to have got at their homes. Janet and I were blessed to see such a loving approach that we took for granted.
As Janet said, family was the most important aspect of Mums life. The Boxing Day get togethers were maintained throughout her life even if the numbers did drop as generations died, but then new generations were born.

Dad and Mum were Cafe holics. On the pretext of shopping or going for a walk they have managed to visit nearly all the cafes here in North Wales. Janet and I have inherited the bug and now cannot go out without going to a cafe. In fact on some occasions we have set out a bit late, not had enough time for the visit and a cafe stop, so we have just gone to the cafe and come home!

Mum was a good talker. She would find out someones family history within 20 mins of meeting them, usually when out on a visit, and it would be a joke in the family as we would ask her afterwards, how many children? What do they do for a job etc?
The first time she met Pauline, she took her shopping on Saturday, she went straight to the cafe and for a nice conversation and then introduced her to the stallholders on the market.
She loved meeting people, even in hospital she knew all the women in her ward and one of the last things she did about half an hour before she passed away was to wave to the lady in the next bed.

Mum had a great sense of humour and was always able to see the funny side of situations. In hospital she would tell the doctors all sorts to try and confuse them, when my Dad’s shelves fell down she quickly said to Blodwen with a grin, do think we should go in to see if they’ve fallen on him?
After 56 years of marriage there is now a big gap that can never be filled again in my Dads life. Just going through the photos shows that travel was important and the experiences that Mum has had, just added to her fantastic life. At one point in her life she thought she would never go abroad , but then once they got a feel for it, it carried on year after year. In later years coach trips took Mum and Dad to Devon, Isle of White and Yorkshire. The social aspects of the trips were the cherries on top of the cake for Mum.

Everyone’s Mum is special and ours is no exception. Everything we are now is down to Mum and Dad’s philosophy of life and I wouldn’t change a thing.

Mum, we will love you always and you will never be forgotten.

Added by: Robert Stanway on 19 May 2009.

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Picture of June Stanway.
Picture of June Stanway.
Picture of June Stanway.

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