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Gordon Finch

Also known as: Dad.

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Gordon Frederick Finch (16 December 1939 - 26 November 2008)

Not quite a formal obituary but I pen this passage from the heart on behalf of my family.....

I can only imagine that every loving Wife, Son or Daughter believe that they have the best Husband or best Dad in the world.

Well, we truly are the lucky ones because we know that our Dad was in fact the very best!

We miss him with all our hearts. He has left a gaping hole in our lives that continues to burn away in our hearts day and night as we still try to come to terms with our loss.

Dad worked relentlessly from leaving school to his retirement climbing life’s ladder to support his family and did everything in his power to ensure the well being of us all. When we think of Dad we have a sad but warm feeling, a feeling of love and loss, he loved us and we loved him a special bond that will never be broken.

Dad had a fantastic sense of humour that warmed all he touched, making us laugh endlessly during all the great times we spent together as a family. We can only thank him for the joy he always brought to our table.

Dad was a loving, honest, kind, adventurous, fun, supportive, hard working, considerate, generous and very knowledgeable individual with endless time and patience to share his skills and wealth of knowledge with his offspring and grandchildren alike.

Dad has played such an important part in our life’s that he will be in our hearts forever and we know he will never leave us - I for one feel inspired and guided by him every day. If were judged as being half the dad he was I’d at least be a content one!


Added by: Chris Finch on 14 May 2009.

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Picture of Gordon Finch.
Picture of Gordon Finch.
Picture of Gordon Finch.

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