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Hugh Pope

Picture of Hugh Pope.


Twinkling eyes and a smile
You could tell his laugh from a mile
Tall, dark and handsome with a sharp mind
Our Hugh was one of a kind

His voice could command one and all
Run and hide if you were not on the ball
An army career set his style
But those who knew him could make him smile

All things changed when he met the love of his life
After a short romance, Jan became his wife
Many friends and family watched them say 'I do'
There was no better match than those two

They joined the Island Yacht Club due to Hugh's love of the sea
And bought a boat and called it Fleur de Leigh
Over the years he and Jan had lots of fun
But for them the adventure had only just begun

In a new boat called Luturna and a plan in hand
They set sail to a new and distant land
Jan had no idea on the day they wed
That she'd be 'Roger the Cabin Boy' sailing the Med!

Four years went by living on board
They settled in Turkey - Luturna was moored!
In this land of delight they made a new life
No one more content than Hugh and his wife!

Hugh had many friends, old and new
Too many to mention, but you know who
We will remember him for all our days
He touched so many lives in so many ways

His love of fun would rub off on all
At parties with him you had a ball!
Fancy dress parties put him to the test!
No one could compete, he was always the best!

Hugh has moved on now to a place just out of sight
He left these shores to a place filled with light
We can picture him now with a smile on his face
His boat moving smoothly on that very last race

Our tears are all shed but he's still on our mind
A powerful man, but so gentle and kind
Always remember him and his sense of fun
And know we will meet again when our day is done

A tribute to Hugh, who died suddenly before his time. We miss you.
Yours friends Cath and Chris Pyrah

Added by: Chris and Cath Pyrah on 5 October 2007.

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Picture of Hugh Pope.
Picture of  Hugh Pope.
Picture of Hugh Pope.

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