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Stephen Waters

Also known as: Steve.

Picture of Stephen Waters.

Stephen Waters was born on March 6th 1957. He attended Plumcroft Primary School in Plumstead and later the John Roan Boys’ School in Greenwich. On leaving school he was given the opportunity to take a car mechanic apprenticeship. Having served his apprenticeship and worked in the garage for some time he decided to change direction and he became a milkman. After a few years in this job he decided to make another change and became an insurance agent. In what was to be his final career change he became ‘a Knight of the Road’ with the RAC. He obtained greatest satisfaction from this latter job because he was able to help people in difficulty. In addition he was always more than happy to help others when they were in trouble whether they were family members, friends or acquaintances.
Sadly he developed a heart condition and this was to be the cause of his untimely death.

He had for a number of years taken a friend to hospital for treatment. On this particular occasion the strain of taking this friend from one hospital to another caused his collapse and shortly after, his death.
He left a wife Lorraine ,an adopted daughter Emma , two other daughters - Kate and Hannah and three granddaughters - Rachel,Gemma and Jessica - all known and loved by Steve. Grandson Lewis was born after Steve died.

I did not know until quite recently that Steve had for many years been a regular supporter of the RNLI. I feel I would like to take him as my example and keep his memory alive by making an annual subscription to the RNLI on the anniversary of his death and so assist their important daily work of saving lives at sea.

Derek Waters
- a sad but proud father
The photograph shows Steve in his RAC uniform .

Added by: Derek Waters on 2 October 2007.

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