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John Mordaunt Todd

Also known as: Jack.

Picture of John Mordaunt Todd.

Dad was and still is the most remarkable man anyone could ever know.
He joined the Royal Navy aged 19 on the 7th January 1943 and just over a year after joining, found himself on one of the many Landing Barges transporting troops bound for Omaha Beach, one of the main landing points in the Normandy Landings - D-Day - where he would witness the horrors and carnage of one the bloodiest battles in history.
Despite it all,Dad very seldom spoke of the events of WW2 and when, on the rare occasion, he did, his eyes would well up as he recalled memories of the sights he saw and the friends he lost - he could NEVER bear to listen to the Navy Hymn 'For Those in Peril of The Sea',when asked "Why?" he would simply reply "Memories".
He would delight in telling us of his 'antics' though during his time in the Navy and the the things he would 'Get up to' with his brothers,particularly Ted and Charlie, which never failed to have us in fits of laughter!
Dad had a real 'Slapstick' sense of humour and would often mimic the likes of Tommy Cooper and Norman Wisdom.A proper prankster too, who loved to wind up or get everyone going!
As a Father,my brother Roger and I couldn't have asked for better. He was THE most loving,devoted and giving Dad, there is NOTHING he wouldn't do for us and when his Grandchildren and Great Grand-kids, who affectionately referred to him as 'Gramps', came along those wonderful attributes continued.
There is SO much I could say about Dad but do do that I would need to write a book!
Losing our dearly loved Dad and Gramps has broken our hearts and those of many others.Without Dad, a HUGE void now remains in our lives,one that NO ONE else could possibly fill, but know that, in spirit, he is still with us.A soul as beautiful and magnificent as his will ALWAYS live on.

"Until the day we meet again Dad,You will forever be in our hearts and thoughts with devoted love ALWAYS"

Will ALWAYS be missed so desperately and loved so deeply.

Added by: Jacqueline Stevens on 17 April 2009.

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Picture of John Mordaunt Todd.
Picture of John Mordaunt Todd.
Picture of John Mordaunt Todd.

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