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Sheila Skinner

1928 - 2009
A beloved wife of Edward, Mum of John, Mother-in-Law of Sue and Granny Rhydding to Alexandra.

We must always REMEMBER what Dad and Mum, and all their generation, went through and did for us. The War instilled in them many values – not least never to waste anything and to be prudent – values as relevant today, especially, as then.

Mum is difficult to describe as she had so many roles…..A Wonderful Mother, Mother-in-law, Aunt, Great Aunt, Great Great Aunt, devoted wife, cousin, Godmother, friend, neighbour, school mistress, Bettys tea room regular, a doting “Granny Rhydding” and much more…

Mum passed on many old-fashioned and a great deal of common sense all backed up with a Christian ethic.

She was proud of her family which was the focus of her life – Dad; her sister, my Auntie Dot, and her family; myself and more latterly Sue and Alexandra. She never wanted to boast but showed immense pride in our achievements and celebrated every one with us as if it were her own.

We celebrate Mum’s life, the happiness she brought to many and remember, what a priviledge it was to have known her.

She loved her regular trips to Bettys’ especially on a sunny day. They would have her table ready for her. She would compare their tea rooms to anywhere else she went. She loved the colour yellow, especially daffodils, symbolising happiness and joy. A simple bunch of daffodils would bring her pleasure.

The following passage is appropriate:
I can no longer see her but she is always with you and I. She is the whisper of the trees as I walk down the street, the smell of certain foods I remember, the flowers I pick and perfume she wore, she’s the cool hand on my brow when I’m unwell, my breath in the air on a cold winter’s day... She is Christmas morning… Mother lives inside my laughter. She’s crystallised in every tear drop. She showed me every emotion…happiness, sadness, fear, jealousy, love, hate, anger, helplessness, excitement, joy, sorrow…and all the while hoping and praying I will only know the good feelings in life. She’s the place I came from, my first home, and she’s the map I follow with every step I take. She’s my first love, first friend, even first enemy, but nothing on earth can separate us. Not time, not space….not even death.

Both Dad and Mum sought to give me the best in life. They wanted me to walk with dignity and pride, with my head held high, and ensure my daughter follows that path. I thank them with all my heart and I have some wonderful memories.

Added by: John Skinner on 4 April 2009.

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