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Robert David Orr

My Father was born in 1917 in Portavogie, Co. Down and sailed in the fishing boat 'Essie' with his Father and other relations when he was a teenager. He then sailed in their next boat 'Essie Orr' and met the love of his life, Amy, in Maryport Cumbria during the war. As she was only 20 her parents asked their vicar to write to Dad's minister in Northern Ireland to determine his character. The news was good and they married in April 1942 in Maryport. They had over 60 happy years together until Amy died in 2003.

Robert always had links with the sea coming from a long line of seafarers and when the boat was sold he went on to be the local fish auctioneer in Portavogie, finally retiring aged 70. He never needed the lifeboat in all the years in which he sailed but he was glad it was there!

He was a founder memeber of the local fishermen's choir and sang in it until his death in Frbruary 2009 aged 91.

He was a wonderful man who loved books, poetry [he could recite poems he learned in the 1920s up until he died] wildlife and was an elder in the local Presbyterian church. He loved a joke and was guilty of many harmless pranks. One of his sayings was 'It's as true as death!!"
He was a great Father and was renowned for his integrity and committment to everything he believed in. I miss him very much and loved him dearly.

Robert was gentle and kind and a true Christian. Everyone called him 'a wee gentleman' And that's as true as death!

Added by: ELAINE MCFEETERS on 30 March 2009.

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