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Rita Thurlow

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For my Mother, I cannot possibly say what my Mother meant to me with just words, she always made everyday so special. A gentle caring woman who was very generous with her time her money and her love. She couldn't stand greed, injustice and always stood up for the working man. My Mother believed in the simple things in life, she had all she wanted with her books her music and her family. A visit or a phone call from a family member would mean more to her than any gift you could buy. She taught us that your family are the most important things in your life, her grandchildren were her world, she was always so supportive and proud of their sporting and academic achievements.

She helped us to appreciate wildlife, the countryside and especially her beloved Yorkshire Dales. We have so many special memories of holidays spent lazing by rivers enjoying picnics, searching for great home cooked food in the welcoming tea rooms and cafes of the dales, thanks Jenny and i hope one day i will be able to walk through your doors again, and walks through amazing countryside.

Music was a big part of her life, the radio was always playing day and night. Although she had various styles and tastes she loved sad music, but she was also a rocker. She loved going to concerts, and would always get to talking to who was standing next to her, at one rain soaked Rod Stewart concert one chap even brought her a beer back from the bar. At the last Bob Dylan concert we went to she ran off to the front and left me, so she could see him sing her favourite song.

And of corse her beloved husband, no other two people could have shown any more love to each other than my Mother and Father. And even through hard times, happy times and illness, i'm glad to say love always won through. And after nearly sixty years two very special people who truly belonged together.

For my Mother who made the days so special, she told me she loved me everyday of my life, and although at this moment my world is a little
darker i know that when i see the first snowdrop flower in spring i'll hear her voice praying for light nights. And i know she will be standing next to me whenever i look down a valley or across a hillside in her treasured Yorkshire Dales.

Thanks Mam for letting me bring home plants rocks and Hi-Fi Equipment
Thanks for the words, work hard, try hard, and you can do it
Thanks for never saying i told you so
Thanks for being there at all hours
No one shall die that has given so much to so many

Added by: Simon Thurlow on 3 February 2009.

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Picture of Rita Thurlow.
Picture of Rita Thurlow.

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