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Danielle Braelyn Alexei Everwood

Well, starting from the begining, Danny was born in the small town of Brierley Hill in the West Midlands; the daughter of photographer Elizabeth Ireland Everwoord, and Royal Navy Captain Willaim Alexander Everwood. Danny lived in England and it's Commonwealths until the age of 14, when her father shipped her off to sunny CA to live on an American military base following multiple threats on her life.

That's when I met her.

Danny was such a happy girl and we got along perfectly; despite the drab and monotonus life that the American military base "Camp Pendelton" had cut out for us. Every other week, we would sneak off base and see how far we could get without anyone catching us, until one day we decided that we weren't going back. We left without so much as a note, and just drove down the coastline, until our car ran out of gas as we crossed into Newport Beach.

Destiny perhaps?

Anyway, we began a new life in Newport Beach, just the two of us BFF's, and soon we were initiated into Southern California life. I taught her how to surf (and she was surprisingly good at it), we spent constant time at the beach, ate Mexican know...lived the good life.

By the time both she and I were 15, we knew we had to give back to the community that had given us a new chance at life, so we became lifeguards under the Newport/Huntington Beach Lifeguard Association.
Both she and I worked long and hard to be accepted into theelite program, but it was totally worth it, as our friendship only grew stronger while we were there. She rose up in the ranks, rising to the position of Marine Safety Lieutenant of Lifeguard Operations, before her untimely death in 2008.

But, slowly, we started drifting apart. I decided to go pro-surfing, so that took all of my attention and then some, and she stuck to lifeguarding while following in her brother's footsteps and training to become a pilot. We stayed best of friends through this though; she was the best friend I ever had.

In the time I had been away (on tour) things had changed though. She had been dating someone when I left, but when I returned, their relationship had become increasingly abusive. At times it seemed, the only thing holding her together was our friendship and her job as a lifeguard. She kept spiraling downward and it was as if I didn't know her. The more the bruises got darker, the more I lost a little bit of my best friend. Still we remained best friends forever, or at least until October 5th, 2008.

One night, her "boyfriend", drunk as he was, came at her brandishing a knife. Passing off a stab wound to the forearm as an "accident", her coworkers thought enough of her situation to call the police, and her boyfriend was booked on charges of assault with a deadly weapon.

But, the thought of testifying against him terrified her to death; terrified her enough to make stupid descisions, like surfing at night, all alone, not to mention during an SSW (CA lingo=massive waves for south, south western facing beaches).

They found her body below the surf, an hour after the initial missing person report was filed. I watched them pull her from the surf. I watched the paramedics try to save my best friend. I held my best friend in my arms as she died.

Her skull was cracked, with severe lacerations to the brain. Her organs were severely damaged due to lack of oxygen, and doctors didn't expect her to live to see the sunrise. But, miraculously, she did hang on. She did get to see one more bright California sunrise, before she went to God.

None of her family made it in time, except for me. I never left her bedside, not once. I held her hand as she slipped away, and even though it hurt, I knew that she was going Home, and that I would be there someday.

To this day, we don't know whether her death was an attempted suicide or just a terrible accident. What I do remember, is all the time we spent together, and all the memoried we shared, and the though of knowing that when I get to Heaven, I know that someone that I love will be waiting for me.

Danielle Braelyn Alexei Everwood

July 21, 1993-October 5, 2008

We miss you Danny!!!!!

Added by: Adelaide Wilson on 8 January 2009.

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