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Richard Humphrey

Picture of Richard Humphrey.

Those using this web-site, in memory of Richard, will have had different relationships with him. Husband, son, brother-in-law, uncle, nephew, cousin, friend, colleague and others. You will treasure different memories and similar memories.
I write about Richard, my brother. I think some of my memories and thoughts will connect and overlap with yours.

Richard Wallace Humphrey. The Wallace is significant as that was our father’s name.
A 1st born, son, grandchild and nephew, he was adored by his parents, grandparents and aunt. He had a very special relationship with them all.

I came along 4 years later. I cannot remember a day when Richard did not tease me, mischievously and often it appeared to me mercilessly, but he was also very protective and continued to be throughout his life shielding both mum and I from the realities of his illness.

I have wonderful family holiday memories driving through Europe as my mother read ‘Just William’ stories to us. As soon as he was old enough Richard sat in the front to map read. This was a great relief to my father, as it was not mum’s greatest attribute!

Crossing the channel on the ferry Richard would run and later stride around the deck, my mother desperate to join him as she cosseted my father and I, both dreadfully seasick. Here began Richard’s love of the sea and sailing.

Richard went to Loughborough Grammar School as did his father before him.

As soon as he was old enough Richard learned to drive and there began his love affair with cars. His racing green MG midget was to be his pride and joy to be followed by many other models considered by some to be outrageous. Having never been interested in other sports sailing was developing into the passion it came to be and featuring in ways, other than leisure, such as youth work on the Sir Francis Drake.

Thinking of Richard and what I was going to write it came to me that Richard found many paths very hard but when he got there he arrived so well. This was true of finding the right career. Consequently he had a number of jobs before he found his way to the Probation service via a spell of volunteering for The Samaritans. He found his vocation with the Probation Service, thrived on it and served so well.

Richard hated being alone and loved company but finding the right partner was a windy path until he found Sheila the love of his life, who he adored, but that is Sheila’s story.

It was through Richard’s love of sailing that he and my husband, Peter, got to really know and love one another. We as a family have so many happy and hilarious sailing memories.

After Richard had his first stroke Peter rallied him by promising that when he was better they would hire a boat and we would all go sailing again. I can see now the sadness in those twinkling eyes when some time later Richard told Peter he would not be able to do it.

It was Richard’s abiding wish that his ashes should be scattered on the Gareloch where he had spent such happy times sailing and was a member of the Royal Northern and Clyde Yacht Club. He re-visited those happy times last year, with Sheila, on his wedding anniversary. The family will be carrying out his wishes.

As a sailor Richard has always supported the RNLI, always aware that he may have to call on their help should he ever get into difficulties whilst sailing his yacht, fortunately he never had to. He would be delighted that friends and family are continuing that support in his memory. Thank –you so much to so many who have already made very generous donations.

So how will we remember Richard? Obviously for me as a much loved and loving brother. However, with Sheila and other family members we also arrived at a LOVABLE ROGUE, and I think many of you will agree our summing up.

Richard will always be with us but now I pray he really is sailing free, away from the limitations and frustrations of illness.

Added by: Sheila Hartley on 9 May 2007.

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Picture of Richard Humphrey.
Picture of Richard Humphrey.
Picture of Richard Humphrey.

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