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Appreciation For Koon Kau Chan By Bill Slocombe

We were all shocked to learn of Jimmy passing away. Jimmy wasn�t just a work colleague he was a good friend. Whenever he visited our office we all took notice, no matter how busy we were. If we were having a bad day Jimmy could be counted on to raise our spirits as his friendly, lively and exuberant personality always managed to brighten our day. Jimmy was a knowledgeable, talented and highly intelligent person who had a great knack of being able to explain things in a way that didn�t make you feel inadequate. His demeanour and modesty hid a great intellect. From my point of view, Jimmy Chan was a �one-off,� never likely to be seen again. Jimmy is irreplaceable and will be sorely missed. His mentoring for me has been invaluable, and he set standards for our company (WCS) and its auditors which we will not allow to slip as to do so would be breaking his trust and letting him down.
Christine, you, Judith and your family should be proud of Jimmy and his achievements. In all my working life I have never know anyone as well liked and respected as him, and it is all fully deserved. I have informed his friends and colleagues from around the world and continue to receive e-mails expressing their shock and sorrow at this sad loss loss.
With deepest sympathy,
Bill and Jean

Added on: 11 October 2010