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Appreciation For Michael Heath By Rosalind Dando

Mr Heath,

Thank you for the three and a half highly entertaining, difficult, and memorable years that I shared working with you. Three and a half years of making the most anaemic tea known to mankind, of M&S ‘not just any doughnuts’ and sharing pizza in a cold office at New Year. Of going through letters from suppliers with a red pen correcting their terrible grammar, and sharing snarky conversations about appalling customer service.

I will always remember and miss your terrible singing (“Oh Lord, won’t you buy me a Mercedes Benz...” for three weeks solid before you bought the Merc!), the look on your face when you talked about sailing at the weekends and the countdown that you had on your computer with how many days until your next holiday. I remember the mobile that you made, and the piano wire that I brought in for you to complete it.

The office is a sadder place with you gone. I miss your laughter, your wonderfully off-beat sense of humour, and the way that you always seemed to get when I was having a bad day. I miss your stubborn nature, your unique filing system (which meant I didn’t have the untidiest desk in the office), and how you always had enough patience to explain something to me ‘just one more time’.

Thank you for your patience, your humour, and all the things you shared with me over the time we worked together. A truly unique, wonderful soul, and one that will forever be missed. Whenever I am by the sea I shall think of you with fond memories, and whenever I scrawl out a 'T' account to work through a problem I know somewhere you'll be proud to know that you managed to at least teach me something.

May the skies be blue, the sunshine warm, and the winds brisk wherever you may be sailing now.

Added on: 2 September 2010