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Appreciation For Michael Heath By James Bouch

Mike was one of life's "glorious buggers" - his wit, courage, humour, and above all an unswerving determination to live life to its full potential set him apart. Mike was not just a glass half full man, his was already full, but he was always looking for ways to squeeze a little more in the top.

I knew Mike for over 20 years and in that time have been through many experiences and times, good and bad, with him. He was always a loyal, caring and supportive friend and one that I will miss very greatly.

I was so pleased to see him recently, having not got together for several years, and despite the severity of his condition, the old Mike was still in their and peeping out through his tired eyes.

My life is richer thanks to Mike, and there is a part of it that will always be missing now he is gone. Typical of Mike, as we stood in the rain outside the Crematorium, preparing for a sad and solemn occasion, he had chosen music taken from many a Hammer House of Horror movie to welcome us all into the chapel - that was so like him!!

I will miss him very much - one of life's uniques has left us.

Added on: 26 August 2010