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Appreciation For Michael Heath By Paula Miller

Mike, you and I worked together on some ‘interesting’ and complicated projects but, due to your patience and tenacity, we always got there in the end. Of course your quick wit and sense of humour always helped. We often got chatting off subject, so to speak, and I was always intrigued by the way you knew so much about so much. There truly was a lot of knowledge in your head and it wasn’t just about accounting.

Please don’t think you will be forgotten. It will be impossible to forget your infectious laugh, your incessant tea drinking and biscuit eating, and of course your love of sailing and warm climates. Soon there will be a permanent reminder of you here at the Coliseum. We will be able to look out of the window and count the beans growing on the Indian Bean Tree that is being planted in your honour. I hope that its presence captures some of your spirit.

Peace always

Added on: 18 August 2010