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Appreciation For Michael Heath By Chris Mathew

Picture of 'Michael  Heath' provided by Chris Mathew

I only got to know Mike in November 2007 at the first night of the Andover Wine Friends - and yet I feel I have known him for years. There were two stories that I told him that I thought he was going to have a fit he was laughing so much - crank shaft man and the tale of Eleanor - and the mention of either would have us both in fits of giggles - how I will miss him.

He was so worried that we would forget him, and these words from Lizzie Spicer seem to say it all

'If we have forgotten to show our gratitude enough for all the things you did, we're thanking you now and we are hoping you knew all along, how much you meant to us'

Chris xx

Added on: 17 August 2010