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Appreciation For Michael Heath By Jon Ward

Picture of 'Michael  Heath' provided by Jon Ward

We met Mike on what proved to be his final trip to Vassiliki and deeply enjoyed his company and his great sense of humour. We shared a few meals together and more than a few beers. As others have said he was real fun to be around.

However what I will really remember Mike for is the way in which he he didn't let his illness get in the way of his enjoyment to life or make a big deal of it.

We shared a few (sadly too few) emails shortly after the holiday, which to me summed this up:

"I'm not planning on giving up for a few years yet! I'm enjoying sailing and life too much!"

"Consoling myself with the fact that it is only about 9 months until I get out there again!..."

Sadly for Mike this wasn't to be.

In the greater scheme of things we were only passing acquaintances, but he has left a very deep impression on me and I feel a better person for knowing him.

Mike, your memory lives on.......

May that cross shore kick in every lunchtime for you.

Added on: 17 August 2010