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Appreciation For Michael Heath By Sarah Weston

I had the privilege of speaking at Mike's wake, but my nerves got the better of me and I actually forgot to turn my sheet of paper over and say the last, most important, thing of all- so I am glad to find this opportunity to put my oversight right.
Mike's most memorable qualities were his loyalty and generosity towards his friends. He would travel any distance to see them, and he was the first of my friends to come and see me when I moved up to Aberdeen. That loyal gesture made me realise that, though I'd moved 500 miles, my friends were never really that far away and that meant a great deal to me.
He also had a great sense of occasion and a wonderful eye for detail and when he realised his end was coming, he had 7 bangles made for 7 of his friends, one of whom was me. It is very beautiful, and has the wind and waves formed into a pattern engraved on the outside and an inscription engraved on the inside. It says "ne m'oubliez". Apart from the obvious meaning of do not forget me -as if I could- it was also the motto of the French coastal town of Royene; a place where he spent his holidays as a boy. This was very much like Mike- a real sense of style and flair and a wonderful way for me to remember him.
So here's to Mike- a loyal and generous friend and one who will be impossible to forget.

Added on: 15 August 2010