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Appreciation For Michael Heath By Emily And Andrew Graham

Mike, the bean counter, swimboy……. our memory of you …………….
- Your deep raucous laughter that echo’d around the office
- Your ‘sailing’ injury which was of course a UDI you got when falling off a wall drunk
- Swimboy. Your sailing nickname for falling in so often
- The leaning tower of ‘PISA’ statue that sits on Emily’s desk…given by you as a reminder that it is actually in PISA and not ROME ??!!
- Jammy dodgers and coffee beans
- Your super-sized calculator (you are the ONLY accountant to use coffee beans and a super-sized calculator to help you count……)
- Your ability to eat as much curry, pasta and Chinese as you like and STILL not put on any weight
- Calling Emily up from the hospice, when we had left the baby changing bag and wallet there, to ask whether the baby you had found was ours as well !

BUT most of all we shall remember you for your wicked sense of humour, endless banter and entertaining stories. You shall not be forgotten and we feel privileged to have known and worked beside you, you were a dear friend.

“Ne m’oubliez pas”, we won’t

Added on: 11 August 2010