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Appreciation For John Robert Cooper By Linda Cooper

Hi Love, didn't get to write a message on Christmas Day as I have been quite poorly, I'll not go into details but what a poor time I've had. Anyway I went to Marks as usual on Christmas Eve and stayed over night we had a lovely night, then Ellie got us up at 05-00 she was so excited, she's 10 now going on 90 so much like her mum. All the other grand kids are fine, Almere is 2 so Christmas is an exciting time as always Phillip and Christine 's house was over loaded with toys and gifts, both Jack and Ellie got Segways and are ace on them, two cousins playing together all afternoon. Almere got a kitchen, pram, scooter etc etc etc. Didn't get to Adam's as I was so ill I had to com home, didn't see Steven but Issabella, our great grand-daughter of 10month was ill as well. Well Love the tree looks as good as ever the decorations continue to do us proud I bought oak reindeer this year I know you would love them, they have the names carver into the wood and there is 9 of them, bet you can't remember all the names? Well Love I am ok but miss you more and more each year, I am still working cos that helps me get through each week without you and I also miss mum and dad loads and just hope you are all together, I Love you so much more with each passing year and can't wait to be back together with you, it is all I wish for, one day we will be together. The boys are ok and talk about you all the time they miss you as much as I do, but they also have their memories to keep them going and remember the good times we had as a family, their Love is strong for both of us. The memories we created together over the years keeps me smiling and happy as it is possible to be. I Love You John and I always will and I miss you so much it hurts, yours forever and ever your wife.

Added on: 28 December 2017


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