The RNLI saves lives at sea.

Appreciation For John Robert Cooper By Linda Cooper

Hey Love,
Christmas Day again and once again I have had a few tears, wishing you were here with your family and really missing you more than ever. Went to Prague with Pauline this year and enjoyed it, the place is really lovely but very expensive. Got home on the 17th and put the tree up, the lights would not work and I got very emotional about it but Adam and Phillip solvef the problem and we took all athe old lights off and bought more, coloured ones this time and again the tree looks very good.
Christmas day has been really nice, I went to Marks again over night, he had to go to work though as he now works on the railways and is working all of the holidays, Xmas and New year. Went Phillips for Christmas dinner which was lovely. Our latest Grand-Daughter is adorable , Almere, she is 15 months old and is picking up loads of words and is in to every thing, they have moved to Wombwell now into a bigger house, its nice but too far away from me. Steven and his partner are expecting our 3rd great grand child, a littlle girl which will be called Isabella Adalynn it seems. all the family are well, the grand kids are gowing up, range from 27 to 15 months, Tink is still at colledge and is hoping to be a midwife, she has a good head on her shoulders, Joe is contemplating the Army again, Liam, and Little Adam are drivers for a car hire company, Callum is at colledge and the others still at school apart from Hayley who is a full time mum and housewife with 2 boys, the youngest Lewis whom I have never met is almost 3 and is Autistic and quite a handfull I am told.
I am still working at present but am contemplating retirement this time next year, I still yearn for you and love you more than life and I think about you constantly and miss you more than ever, its late now and I am at work tomorrow so I will say good night God bless and I will see you in my Dreams.
Love forever and always From Me and the Boys and not forgetting the grand children
your forever wife Linda

Added on: 25 December 2016


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The RNLI is a charity that provides a 24-hour lifesaving service around the UK and Republic of Ireland.

As a charity, the RNLI relies on your support to carry on saving lives at sea.