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Appreciation For John Robert Cooper By Linda Cooper

Hi sweetheart,
It's our 45 anniversary today and my 66th birthday it's been a hard day for me, many memories flooding back, lots of tears and yes some laughter.
Phillip and Christine came up with Abbie, Beckie and Joe came from work, Steven and Liam also came and they all brought their respective girlfriends, all of them lovely Girls. Christine is huge now and the baby is due any day. Oh did I forget to tell you we are having another grand child, sorry. We know its a girl and we can only hope a very healthy baby, all of the scans have been fine so everything should be good.
Our big lad started a new job last week in Italy, he rang to wish me Happy Birthday and said the job was good, better than France, he's also just bought a bungalow, its lovely, you would be so proud of him.
Mark also started a new job, laying cables, unfortunately he has hurt his back and is suffering badley but he is just like you and will not take time off and rest, he came up this morning with Ellie and stayed for a couple of hours.
All of our grand children are growing up very fast, Beckie starts senior school next week, Abbie starts colledge, Callum is in his last year and Joe, Steven, Liam, Adam, Hayley,are all doing well all really good adults, Ellie and Jack are both back at school next week and are doing well.
Me i'm ok I guess, missing you more than ever, still working and enjoying it as much as ever. I cry a lot for what we shared together and for what might have been and I pray for the day we will be back together but at the same time I try to have a life and do things with friends and family, i'm going to Malter this December with Pauline and a show next month with my friends from work, I speak to John and Tina regularly, they celebrated their 40th this year, but I wish with all my heart that I was doing these things with you and thank god that we did not waste our lives and enjoyed the time we shared, we had 40 wonderful years some ups and downs thrown in the mix now and then but thats life, but Love like you I wanted so much more. I wanted to share many more exciting years with you, I wanted to grow old in your arms, instead I am very lonely for you, theres a hugh empty space in my heart, life is so unfair sometimes Love it takes the good and leaves so many bad people it makes no sense to me at all, I remember when you were diagnosed I asked you why? why you, why us? and you quite sensibly took me in your arms and said who would I wish it on, an innocent child, someone elses son, daughter, brother, or sister and I had to agree with you but I also did not want it to be you/ us. I LOVE AND MISS YOU JOHN, I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU WITH ALL MY HEART. I DON'T THINK THIS HEART ACHE WILL EVER LEAVE ME,
Where ever you may be John, Happy Anniversary Darling, I love You,
x xxx xxx xxxxxxxxxxx xx A kiss from each of us We all Miss You so much and these are for the 40 wonderful years we shared together
xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx from me to you with all my heart. Linda, your wife for ever.

Added on: 30 August 2015


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