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Appreciation For John Robert Cooper By Linda Cooper

Hi Love,
66 today, wish you were here to celebrate, 45 years since we started courting and fell in love. So many memories that keep me going in my lonely life without you, how I wish with all my heart that you were still here with me, life was so much happier then with you to share things with and to help me through the good and the bad days, now I feel that every day is so hard, the boys live their lives and yes they visit sometimes but on important days like today, your birthday, I don't hear a word from them, surely they understand how difficult these days are for me, well I guess thats how life is today, too busy to care.
I miss your voice, your smile, the wink across the room, and the kisses which we shared, but most of all I miss your presence, your touch and the love that only you and I understood and which I will hold in my heart for ever. xxx.
By the way love we are going to be grandparents again, I'm told late August, early September, the sad thing is that you will never know this baby and it will never know you or your love but we will make you part of his/her life through our love for you. Phillip is happy about it he says very little as you know but it is what they want. Everyone is fine Adam came last weekend to look at the light on the landing which is no good so I have had to buy a new one. Mark came yesterday with Ellie, she is growing up now, it was her 8th birthday last week and Phillip and Christine came on Friday to tell me their news, I think they tought I would be angry or something but its their lives and as I have said before there are worse things in life than pregnancy, we know because we have experienced it first hand resulting in you not being around any more, I cannot understand how you remained so strong and positive through out your illness, but you were always a person that believed that what will be will be and it is not in our hands.
John I will always love you and hold you in my heart and perhaps that is why the pain remains so acute, after 5 years I am told I should be over it by now but that will never happen, you are my life and my sole and I miss you and cannot forget the pain and the anguish we shared in our last few months together and the heartach of loosing you to cancer, such a horrible relentless disease. With all of my Love and Admiration I will always remain Your Loving Wife,
Linda, x xxx xxx xxxxxxxxxx xx Kisses from everyone x.

Added on: 18 January 2015


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