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Appreciation For John Robert Cooper By Linda Cooper

Well Love it's New Years Day 2015, almost 5 years since we were together, and I miss you more than ever, if only we could turn back time to the days when we were a family, the boys still at school you and me at work, happy times shared by us all, we all miss having you around and I find daily life so hard now, my every waking moment thinking of you, don't get me wrong John I do things, go out with friend and family and holidays and things but nothing means mutch any more, no real excitment in sharing my days with you and I miss that.
On to the family now. Adam is back in England but for how long who knows, he has to go where work sends him, Sue is still not talking to me, silly really, she says I told her and Liam that Adam was not his dad, what I really said was that Liam looked like his grandad Malc, fields appart. Liam is working now and quite grown up, a lovely lad, full of fun and laughter, I don't see Hayley, and Litte Adam comes rarely but he is a lovely lad.
Mark and Emma are good, and Callum is getting to be a big lad now, just like his dad. Ellie is quite the litte madam but you would love her to bits just like I do, she will be 8 this month.
Phillip and Christine are great, Christine is a physio assistant now but is thinking of doing her nurse training which of course I will support her any way I can. Joe is a lovely lad just as you said he would be, full of tattoos and body piercings but lovely all the same, Abbie is in her last year at school, exams pending but doing well, did I tell you she got a distinction for English and Maths, A litte worried about Beckie, she is very quiet like her grandad but she is getting some horrible hate mail on one of the web sites, things like I will bully you till you kill yourself, I have told Phillip to take it to the police but of course it is holidays but I hope as soon as the hols are over they will get the police involved because it is very disturbing for us let alone for Beckie and at 10 they are very impressionable. Jack is just the type of boy you would like, on the go all the time and quite noisy but very loveable, its a shame you cannot share their experiences with us all, you would love each and every one of them and wuld be so proud of your family.
Well John another year of loneliness to cope with because for all of the above I am very insular now and lonely for your love, your wink across a crowded room, your smile that always reassured me, your kisses which told me you loved me, your opinion and support in every thing I have done and your cuddles that always made me feel save and secure, the arms that protected me from harm I miss it all, we had or should I say have it all a very special relationship that only two people in love can share and I am still very much IN LOVE with you and always will be.
God bless Sweetheart, Happy New Year werever you may be and I will hopefully be with you before too long, save in your arms again.

Added on: 1 January 2015


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