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Appreciation For John Robert Cooper By Linda Cooper

High Love,
The New Year is upon us again. The family came round yesterday and we had a great evening, home made pie and pea supper which everyone enjoyed. Adam was noticably absent but you know what thats all about, he has been run off his feet since he landed in England and therefor very tired. We did our usual playing silly games with the kids but it was a laugh. Mark lit the fire and played chief stoker, we had a few drinks talked about you a lot and the memories we all shared, I had a few tears and off course was left with all the mess to clean up but we had a good time.
Steven is buying his own home hopefully and has a meeting with the bank to set up his mortgage, Fay has become part of the family now and seems to interact a bit more, she's a lovely girl and more importantly she makes our big grandson very happy. No job yet for Liam but he is having awfull trouble with his skin. and has had to see the doctor. Little Adam bounces from one job to another and cannot seem to hold one job down, Hayleys baby is due any time.
Joe got himself covered in tattoo's and engaged, well we think he did, long story, lovely girl. Tink is beautiful, very pretty and very grown up now but she is quite level headed. Mertie is growing up so fast, she is very studious, quiet and sits in the background not quite as quiet as Phillip but almost, Jack is a very lively little chap always on the go but sadly does not remember his granddad.
Callum is as always just like Mark in his looks and in most of his ways, except he llikes his computer games as well as being an out door lad, Piglet, is very self assured and lively, a proper little madam some would say!
Its almost midnight love, time to wellcome in the New Year, fireworks are cracking all around and my tears are flowing for what should have been, I Love You my Darling and miss the sound of your voice, your kisses, winks, smile and touch and that will never change, wait for me sweetheart, I will never ever let you go, you will always be my soul mate the Love of my Life, and my wish will always be to be with you, For Ever Yours, to have and to hold,
Your Wife. Linda xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxx

Added on: 1 January 2014


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