The RNLI saves lives at sea.

Appreciation For John Robert Cooper By Linda Cooper

Hi Love, Its another milestone anniversary and my birthday, another sad reminder that you cannot share it with me and your family, we all miss you so much, I miss you more than words could ever say and pray for the day I will be with again.
Adam is back in France, he rang this morning and we talked about you a lot, he's trying to stop smoking,he attributes that legacy to you and Clint Eastwood, we had a laugh about that. Liam has left school but as yet has no job, and Hayley is expecting our second great grandchild, another boy I am told. Steven is a man to be proud of as is Little Adam
Mark and his family are fine, Callum is a grand lad and growing up fast, Ellie is so cute but very,very spoilt and can be a little madam, but you would love er to bits.
Phillip and his family are also fine, did I tell you they had moved into dads old house and are making it their home, Joe was 18 yesterday he so grown up and a lovely lad, you were right when you said he would be ok, Tink is a very bright girl and is hoping to go to uni, she is very clever and takes schooling very serious, she misses her grandad very very much, Beckie is a bonny little thing she is so very quiet and studious, loves reading and has always got her head in a book, and not forgetting Jack, what a little bundle of joy, on the go all the time. We are all going to Clumber park tomorrow camping and Jack is going Bear hunting and is taking me with him, he is so funny
Went to John and Tinas last week they are ok, John misses his best friend and finds it hard to talk about you, he gets quite emotional when he does .
Well love running out of time, I Love You with all my Heart and miss every kiss, smile, wink and touch, Happy Anniversay, Love You Aways, Forever yours, wish with all my heart that we were together.
See you in my dreams, your ever loving wife, Linda,
A kiss for every year.

Added on: 29 August 2013


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