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Appreciation For John Robert Cooper By Abbie Cooper

My birthdays coming up soon and it breaks my heart to know you arent here to celebrate with me
Its been so long since i got to see you and its unfair that god took you away
You was like my best friend and a part of me went to heaven with you
Me mum dad becky and are jack went to clumber park other day climbimg the old tree that you used to help me climb it brung back so many memories and made me smile
It made me feel closer to you again
We all miss you so much and its the familys like a jigsaw with a piece missing
You shouldnt of gone and got that horrible disease
Nannan always gets me tinkerbell statues and it reminds me off you
We all just want you back, i miss you so much and so does everyone else
I hope to see you again soon nothings same without you
I hope your having a good time up there grandad wearing some blue jeans
God always takes the best i just wish he hadnt took you
Love you forever and always. Always in my heart.
Untill we meet again, goodnight god bless! Sleep tight xxxx

Tink, grandads little girl X

Added on: 19 April 2013


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