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Appreciation For John Robert Cooper By Linda Cooper

Hi Love,
Another year almost over, As always my thoughts are of you and our lives together, I miss and Love you more each day, the heartache gets greater with each passing day,the open tears are not so frequent now but they continue to flow, and the sadness breaks my heart on a daily basis, the pain although unbearable is hidden within my heart and I pray for the day we will be reunited, don't forgett me Love!
Phillip and Christine moved into mum and dads house and see m very happy there. they are both doing well, Phillip hates his job but is sticking it out and Christine is a service worker at Montague and loves it but would like to be a care assistance and has applied to work at DRI, results of that later. Joe did not stay in the army, girlfriend got in the way, Shannon is a lovely girl though and although he isn't admitting that,I do think he is regretting his decision now.Tink, is making a lovely young lady, she is very cleaver at school but has not yet decided what she wants to do with her life yet, she still has time to sort that out. Mertie, is ever the quiet one a lot like her Dad, she is also doing well at school, loves reading, thats a surprise in this family someone that likes books eh. Jack is such a boysterous little wild fire, he bounces around all day long, but oh so cute and loveable. Adam and Sue are fine, not talking to me again, Ive managed to upset Sue again and again she wants nothing to do with me, so Adam is supporting her side of things, as he always does and yet again Sue was verbally abusive to me on the phone, so I hung up, still two sides to every story. Steven is now working for Barnsley Council and lives with his girlfriend, Fay, Lovely girl, very quiet, they have a house in Barnsley, near the football ground which is small but very nice, wonder when there will be little feet pottering around? Hayley and Paul are doing well, she's a lovely mum, very good parents to Dillon, annother cuty, don't see them much though. Adam is fine don't know what he is doing these days as I never see him but he's ok. Liam is at college doing I T studies, He's such a good looking young man, lovely on the inside as well as the outside. Mark and Emma are fine, Callum is growing up very fast now and is another brain box, into computer games big style. Ellie, is bossy, cute, loveable, you would adore her, Marks double. Also very clever at school.
We have a beautiful family Love that you would be so proud off and so in love with, you would spoil each and every one of us.
Happy New Year, Sweetheart, I Love You more with each passing minute,
All My Love, Kisses, Huggs and thoughts are with you for ever.
Love Always
x xxx xxx xxxxxxxxxx x

Added on: 31 December 2012


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