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Appreciation For John Robert Cooper By Linda Cooper

My Darling John, I miss and love you more each day, but never more than today, our 40th Anniversary and my 61st birthday, my tribute to you today is:-

The greatest most wonderful gift of my life was you John,
You gave me the gift of strength, it was a gift you passed on to our boys and their families,
My love you gave the gift of true Happiness which lasted for the 40 years we spent together,
The gift of reassurrance was in your smile, it made me feel safe and secure always,
The kisses you gave me were your gift of love that never failed and never wained,
That wink across a crowded room was your gift of the attraction you felt for me that never faded.
These are the gifts of true love and affection that you gave freely to me and I love you for each and every one of them, thank-you, my one and only love. 40 wonderful years.Your Loving Wife, Linda.
xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx.

Added on: 29 August 2010


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