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Appreciation For John Robert Cooper By Linda Cooper

Hello Love,
Well another day full of memories both happy and sad, 48 years since our first kiss and the start of our life together. We were never overly well of but we had a good life and did not go without anything, we lived for the day and enjoyed each day as it came. We Loved each other unconditionally, we worked hard you more than me and our family enjoyed our family life, we could not have asked for more from you, you gave your all to each and everyone of us and we appreciated all of it.
Well love today you would have been 69 and it's hard to believe that you are not here to celebrate it with us and to share the memories with us but we will spend time to remember the good and the bad memories that you left us with, I Love You My Darling with every beat of my Heart and I miss you every second of every day. Happy Birthday Sweetheart, Untill we are back together. Thank you for the Love you gave me. Thank you for the Memories and Thank you for the Kisses, winks, smiles and tenderness you gave to me through out our lives together and the meaning behind each one which only we share, I Love You,
A Big Hug From Me.
A Kiss From Each Of Us

Added on: 18 January 2018


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