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Appreciation For Sylvia Brown By Devon Mitsi

Nanny; I will always call you Nanny even when I grow old!
Not a day goes by, that I don't mention you to my friends and tell them how you used to pass by at ours and beep your horn when you were outside and we would go for a good old shopping spree in wilkinsons, you would always buy me felt tips! I always felt safe with you & you would make me laugh all the time!! With your funny story's - not a day goes by that I don't think of you.. I often say to Mum, wouldn't it be nice for Nanny to see how I am now I've entered adulthood & to see Lewis! He would of loved you, but we see you in him so much! Adventurous & full of life!
I know you're always here with us each and every day, on the day me and Hailey celebrated my 18th at the festival, toasting a drink to you! Also when, we all got together for your 5th year anniversary.. Your beautiful ways and bravery, and ambition.. I see it in all of us grandchildren, Mum and Karen & Matt..
You made so many memories in so many life's.
Miss you loads Nanny & Love Devon, always in my heart. XxX

Added on: 15 November 2014


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