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Appreciation For Rona Bowman By Alison Warner

It’s a bit rough this. She wouldn’t mind.... well she would, she’d be as red as a beetroot.

Remembering Rona in Bowman house style:

Rowing the Thames on bitter cold mornings.
Roaring with laughter.
Running upstairs ‘cos walking is slow.
Rolling Stone trousers laced up just like shoe’s.
Restraining young sea scouts with imperfect manners.
Rolling down hills from pubs on the coast.
Relaying bargains that had to be told.

Roaming the channel in one yacht or another .
Wrestling the wheel in bumpy grey seas.
Resisting the wind, the rain and snow storms.
Remembering the forecast at one in the morning.
Rescuing Brummies who’d lost power and anchor.
Restaurants at Cherbourg.
Riding horse carts on Sark.
Rambling round Alderney checking wildflowers.
Resting on fore decks in fierce summer sun.
Reefing the mainsail hanging on like a limpet.

Rubbing down varnish, painting the ironwork.
Remembering the knots sailors should know.
Recalling the names of roses in Brighton.
Rejoicing in family, workmates and friends, knowing who ‘s now with what and where they now live.
Returning from diving with interesting treasure.
Retelling stories of adventures we’d had.
Rescuing kittens and other stray things.
Reminding us all the kindness is the thing.
Rona mattered, I am not sure she knew how much.
Alison Warner

Added on: 12 March 2008


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