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Appreciation For Rona Bowman By Declan Bacon

Rona Bowman,
I was introduuce to a wonderful woman by the name of Rona at a very young age by my Auntie Anne. I will always be thankful for this as Rona was the most selfless wonderful woman i have ever known. We have spent many summer days with her which i enjoyed greatly< I will never forget the time we went sailing in portsmouth harbour, We barely made it out of the harbour but i will never forget the boat jumping over waves splashing us. I have never enjoyed my self so much as i did on that small little trip. I also remember when we(my brother sister and I) used to take the little dingy into the shcool pool she manged: we dived off the side into the pool and we swam around for ages. This time we enjoyed very much. She was always very kind and would do anything for everyone. She was a lovely woman who will be sorely missed by everyone who knew here. My memories of her and the times we spent together will never be forgotten they will forever stay fond memories in our hearts.

Added on: 6 March 2008


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