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Appreciation For Gail Smith By Kayleigh Gunnigle

My aunty Gail. Things just aren't getting easier. It' feels like only yesterday you were taken from us so cruelly. People moving on as if nothing's happened. I wish you was here I miss you and your parties were always amazing. You knew just how to spoil each and every one of us. Never thinking of yourself only others, if only you'd been shown the same courtesy in return. Your always in my thoughts but its memories and I'd love new memories to be made although I'm not sure you could top sweet and sour banana fritters!! You know what I'm thinking and you know it's inappropriate for me to post it online but I can't help thinking it. You are missed so much by most of us. Abbs is your body double its amazing. She's turning into a right little diva haha. Your a nan now woah! I'm sure you'd of made a great nan, you'd have learnt from your mum how to be the best and help our Lou be the best mum bu instead Lou and the baby hav you too look Down on them an all of us for that matter. God we miss you. Heartbroken still. Please continue to look after us (no more crashes) love you so much I hope your proud of us xxxx

Added on: 18 June 2013


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