The RNLI saves lives at sea.

Appreciation For Gail Smith By Kayleigh Gunnigle

Only been a few days since we last spoke. I wish we coud speak face to face for a change. Nothing is new except the fact i miss you more. A broken heart can never be healed, the pieces of a shattered heart have been put back together but you can stll see the cracks. I still can't believe your gone. My thumb is really sore... grated my thumb didnt i instead of the cheese... did an abbie and went sick and had to have a sit down! Remember that time in france when your leg started bleeding and abbie lay down in the road coz it made her feel sick haha she is so silly but know i get how she felt! I made her go pale before wheni told her about my thumb, she thinks she's lady muck that girl am telling ya! Always wanting a lift shes so lucky she has mum dad me and now nicole to run round like a taxi after her, I do worry about her though coz i just want to put her in a bubble and keep her safe from all the evil in the world... nicole, now shes a nother story! she can totally look after herself, me and abbs erm not so much! guess we should all stick together an protect each other but hey we all have an advantage coz we have the best angel looking after us dont we? We will come and visit your grave soon even though i can see you shaking your head and telling us not too, i know its not what you want but tough its happening! I hope you liked that little tree last year, we will try and get something similar this year for you, christmas was just your favourite time of year wasnt it? you loved to spoil everyone and make it special. Its strange now coz last year i went mum and dads for dinner and they didnt even leave the house all day, weird how things change isnt it? and listen! i know you love the snow and it does actually remind me of you whenever i see snow but if you could hold of on the snow this year please! last year was a nightmere, poor little car got snowed in and i had to walk everywhere.. you know how i feel about walking! please keep us all safe angel, we all miss you so much especially my dad i cant imagine how hard it is to lose a sister like you. Look after my mum and dad please Aunty Gail love you forever and ever xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Added on: 9 November 2011


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