The RNLI saves lives at sea.

Appreciation For Gail Smith By Kayleigh Gunnigle

Can you hear it?
From the first beat.. before the song even starts a million memories come flooding back. I miss you so much. I know your up there now listening to it too. Its so true, if only our tears were laughter again. Why can't you just be here, yeah it may sound selfish but i need you more than anybody up there does. You been gone too long. I can't tell you how much you are missed. Time is healer so they say... well whoever said that clearly didn't know you or how amazing you are. I remember the bonfire nights we used to have. Brilliant. Maybe that is why i been so moody tonight not being interested in the fireworks because all I want is you to come back. Its not getting easier, i guess the ironic thing is you would have known what to say, what to do to comfort me, crazy eh? Going to be another Christmas without you. Doesnt seem fair. I know your doing your best to carry me and clear the path my life is taking to make the journey smoother, guiding me through the fog, I hope one day I can see the light and your smiling face again. I think about how lucky everybody up there is to have you, I can imagine you bossingg them all about and organising everything so well, maybe your just setting heaven up so its perfect for the rest of us when we come. I love you so much. Sleep tight angel. xxxxxxxxxx

Added on: 6 November 2011


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