The RNLI saves lives at sea.

Appreciation For Gail Smith By Kayleigh Gunnigle

Hi Aunty Gail just me again! Went to Southport the other day and seen a lifeboat it sooooo reminded me of you. Then me and my bestie Paula went for a all you can eat chinese and boy did we eat all we can! I started laughing and Paula didnt know why! We were getting our deserts and sure enough they had banana fritters... well i nearly threw up! was telling Paula about the banana fritters and sweet and sour sauce!! She found it funny yet disgusting ha!! Got my confirmation of uni results yesterday and Iv defo passed.. brains run in the family as i told dad last night :) missing you so much :( its graduation day on 21st of this month and you cant be there and its upsetting! abbs an nicole arent happy as they cant go coz uni only letting me have 2 tickets and i supoose il give them to mum and dad hahahhaha! hmmmmmm im sure there was something else i needed to tell you. cant for the life of me remember ahhhh! going on holiday next month to cyprus i cant wait! need to brush up on my greek and learn how to say 'large beer please' i learnt how to say oh snap but iv forgotton it now... although i can now say oh snap in spanish..... ohhh how i miss you. havent dreamt of you in a while either, when i do the dreams are so vivid they feel real then for a split second when i wake up i think youre still with us and then reality hits me and i realise you r not an thats heartbreaking! anyways il keep checking in with you. miss you angel x x x x x x x x x

Added on: 7 July 2011


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